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Feedback from sales professionals who have participated in recent workshops...

“In my 8 years at Cisco, this was the most relevant corporate training for positioning UC than any other!!  This should be Cisco-wide training, and its conceptual process should be applied to all our solution sets."  
Steven Reed, Account Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc. 


“Best Cisco training class in my five years..period!!  Our message, competitive position and how we WIN is crystal clear!  The opportunity that we have in front of us is absolutely amazing.  The capability to transform our customer's business ...and the business benefits it will yield is staggering.  Thanks for the coaching.”
Tim Giresi, Account Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.


“I can tell you that this is not my first consultative selling training, but I must say that this is the best one.  Most training gives you 3 or 4 days of filling out Excel spreadsheets, tables, graphics, etc.  They are certain that once you fill out all that information, you will be going from transactional to consultative selling.  This is the first time that someone showed me the reality of being in front of a top executive and not be able of speak his language: business profit, not technology.  Thanks for not being the friendly trainer who tells you that you are almost there, when you are not!” -  Jose Armas, Sales Manager for NextiraOne Mexico S.A de C.V.


“As you know this was my second time through…I was surprised at how much more I got out of it!  I have to say it was really the best sales training I have ever been through for many reasons.  He keeps us on our toes which we need, keeps it fun, very interactive, challenging, hugely relevant and specific to what we do and has the great talent of presenting new concepts and ideas in such a way that I can apply them in the field and make sure they are drilled into my head.  I picked up so many new strategies.”  
Lorraine Thomson, Territory Manager, Spanlink Communications 


“I got so much out of this training and have already been able to start incorporating some of what I learned. This was the best training - of any sort - I've ever attended!.”
— Melissa Hammond, Account Executive, Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.


"This was an excellent class.  Solutions selling, product positioning, competitive information and a little product technology – this is the hot ticket for every rep and new SE.  A very good way to spend two days."  -  Dave Pilipauskas, Systems Engineer for Cisco Systems, Inc.

"I believe two main characteristics of your class set it apart from other classes that I have attended.  The first of which is your strong, practical, understanding of the technical sales interaction process.  Secondly, is your base of Cisco-specific knowledge.  Both of these strengths added value to the experience."  -  Matthew Shultz, Sales Representative for Enventis Telecom, Inc.


"That was the best two days I have ever spent in training.  Because of your training, I came back into my market, picked up the phone, and starting calling on customers with call centers that had previously told me "no thank you".  I have gone back in pitching at a much higher level (no product) and I am getting great success."  -  David Mueth, Account Manager for Cisco Systems, Inc.



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